Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Finndit?

Finndit is a business promotion platform; also known for one of the bestleading search engine. It enables the users to list their business for promotions and also explore the nearby search related services anywhere.
Finndit bridges the gap between a buyer and a seller.Its mission is to help businesses grow and render quick & reliable information to any users.

Does Finndit have a mobile app?

Yes, and it's absolutely free.
Now you can download our app from any type of smart phones via android or iOS.You can easily access to any kind of information from search to promoting your business on Finndit app. Our enhanced features on our application made it easier for you to meet as per your requirements.

How can I advertise with Finndit?

To help you stand out, Finndit is offering you a wide range of advertising packages to help you reach a wider audience..
Any business with a verified Business Profile can access all the benefits. Get your business registered with us.
For further queries, please email us at or call on +917341123700

Can I update or edit my business details?

Yes, you may update as many times as you want, there are no limitations.
To change or edit your business details, you need to log in with your registered account. You can update your business details and location, add more images, select a category, and add other necessary details. The most successful listings are those with relevant and up-to-date content

How do I create an account? Is it safe?

To create your Finndit account, you may follow the steps below:
Click ‘’sign up/log in’’ at the right corner of our home page
Click Register here.
Enter your name.
Enter your phone number Create your password.
Enter your email account.
Click Register Your account is created after you fill in all the required information.
Yes, it is very safe by providing your accurate information; it can help keep your account secure and safe.

What benefits do I get if I list my business?

By listing your business with Finndit, you bring your business to an online platform, where you manage your online information, increasing your business visibility, earning more audience,and expanding your brand recognition.
Henceforth, listing your business with Finndit is an easiest way of earning your right customers through online presence.

How do I increase my business competition?

To increase your business competition and to stand out amongst your competitors,Finnditoffers you paidservicesvarying from Standard package to Ultra package.
To get access to our paid packages, you may contact us at or call on +917341123700.

What is meant by sponsored and verified badge?

Businesseswho have subscribed to our paid services, are shown as sponsored and verified.It certifies as a genuine and trusted business vendor, thereby building credibility of theirproducts and servicesearning more trust among the customers

How do Iget my business profile place on top of your Home-Page banner?

If you are interested to get your business profile placed on top of ourHome-page banner, you can straightly access it by subscribing to ourpaid services. You will alsofurther get access to other additional benefits as part of the package once you subscribe to our paid packages.

How will I identify a genuine business vendor amongst many?

To identify a genuine business vendor, we suggest you to look out for verified sellers as they are certified by Finndit. You may identify them through the sponsored and verified tags, and get the verified data you are looking for, to make your right decisions. In addition, you may learn more relevant information about their business details and background.

Still have questions?

If you can’t find answers to your questions in our FAQ section, you can always contact us. We will get back to you shortly.

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